About me

Education and Occupation:

Handelsakademie (final examination 1976)
Study of medicine and mathematics
Gasket-Release-Agent-Research and QS-Management with a Chemicals-Engineering-Group

Searching about uniform motions and the comparison of their speed since 2003, I discovered a mathematical fault. Using only the simple distance-time-ratios comparing different speed, we are not able to take into account also their different distances which are travelled in equal times (according to the definition of speed).

The Michelson-Morley-Experiment and the Lorentz-Transformations are the experimental and mathematical foundation of the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein. The preoccupation of many years with uniform motions and their speed made obvious a logical-mathematical problem which occurs with the comparison of speed and their additon and subtraction. The solution of this problem requires inevitably a new speed-conception and the need of revising and correction of corresponding formulae in physics.